Teresa Alves

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UX/UI Designer & UI Developer

12 years’ experience in digital services and products,

helping businesses and users to meet their goals.



I'm Teresa, a Web Designer from sunny Lisbon, Portugal.

My Design journey started in the mid 90's - a decade where everything was going digital -, after what new opportunities took me abroad (Limerick, Ireland and Birmingham, UK) to work in Signage Design. Here I've started focusing on Wayfinding - The study and enhance of people's understanding and experience of the physical space. Wayfinding is for Signage what User Experience is for User Interfaces.

Since 2008 I'm focused exclusively on Web Design (UX/UI Design and Development) and ever since I gained an extensive understanding of the whole project life-cycle, being able to provide efficient solutions all the way, from research to prototype and code HTML/CSS.

This know-how allows me to focus wherever the project needs me the most, including being the bridge between Design, Business, Brand and Engineering teams, to enable a better problem solving from planning to code, in both Waterfall and Agile environments.

As looking away from the screen from time to time is good for your eyes, I love gardening, in the balcony and indoors, where I keep too many plants while humans can still move around. Caring for plants gives me super-powers. I also enjoy pocket photography and exploration and puzzle video games.


UX Design

  • Research
  • Functional flows
  • Wireframes
  • Low-fidelity Prototypes
  • User testing
  • Draw.io
  • Sketch
  • InvisionApp

UI Design

  • Visual identity
  • Usability principles
  • High-fidelity Prototypes
  • Style guide
  • User testing
  • Adobe Creative
  • Sketch
  • InvisionApp

UI Development

  • Layout patterns
  • Style Systems
  • Usability solutions
  • HTML5 + CSS3/LESS/SCSS + jQuery
  • Bootstrap, INK, Jekyll
  • AngularJS environments
  • Templating languages
  • Git on command line

Continuing Education

As a self-taught professional, I believe learning can never stop on any technology based work. Unless evolution stops.

As evolution don't seem to be stopping any time soon, I seek all the knowledge necessary to deliver User Centered Design, based on the best practices available.

  • Interaction Design Foundation

    Human-Computer Interaction - HCI

  • Interaction Design Foundation

    Gamification - Creating Addictive User Experiences

  • Interaction Design Foundation

    Emotional Design - How to Make Products People Will Love

  • Interaction Design Foundation

    User Research - Methods and Best Practices

  • Flag Creativity, Design and Communication School

    Javascript basics

  • António Arroio Art School

    Communication Design

  • Fundetec Foundation with Rumus

    Computer Assisted Drawing and Desktop Publishing Applications

  • Afonso Domingues Industrial School

    Electronic and Digital Systems


  • Freelancing

    UX/UI Designer Consultant + UI Developer

    Since 2010

  • Lisbon Nearshore

    UX/UI Designer + UI Developer

    Since 2018


    UX Designer + UI Developer

    2016 - 2017

  • World Bank Group

    Web Design Consultancy for Public Accounts Committees

    2014 - 2016

  • SAPO.pt

    UX/UI Designer + UI Developer

    2010 - 2016

  • SAPO Internacional

    Online Community Dynamization + Web Design

    2008 - 2010


More details about some of these projects at aTeresa Blogfolio.


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